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Friday, September 17, 2004

Ummmm "Frog March"? Yeah!

Ok. I've been doing a whole bunch of reading! This is the article that spurred me back to blogging ---> Link

Bill Burkett has previously been all-too-willing to speak to the press. He's done so on numerous occasions, and he's written political columns for the internet under his own name.

Why is he suddenly so camera-shy that CBS News must protect his identity and treat him as an anonymous source?

Is this Bill Burkett's idea?

Or has this been Dan Rather's decision all along? Should Burkett's prior history and extreme political partisanship be revealed to the press, the story would be immediately condemned as irresponsible and baseless; but, as stealth techonology teaches, you can't hit what you can't see. Perhaps better to hide away this source, lest he whither in the light.

There is one final point to be made. I don't know who provided Dan Rather with his shoddy forgeries. It could have been anyone.

But if, hypothetically, Bill Burkett did provide those documents to Rather -- something, again, that Burkett's lawyer repeatedly refused to deny, but for which there is no genuine evidence -- then this would be a grave indictment of Dan Rather's integrity.

For here we would have a man who, for four years, has been making these very same allegations against George Bush, only to be dismissed by the press as lacking credibility. And yet we would have to believe two things:

1) That all along -- all the time since Burkett first "ruffled through" Bush's files in 1997 -- he actually had copies of those files all along, but has never once mentioned them before now; and

2) That Dan Rather actually believed Burkett's ludicrous claim, and was untroubled by Burkett's surprise announcement that he'd been secretly hanging on to the files for seven years.

If Bill Burkett is the source of the documents, it should have been plain to any reporter that they were forgeries; a man trying to prove an allegation doesn't wait five years to reveal he's had the proof all along.

You wouldn't need technical typographical analysis to determine that they're forgeries; you would just need a dollop of common sense.

But if Burkett was the source, and yet Dan Rather went along with this transparent hoax anyway, then he is guilty of something much worse than negligence.

Either way, it seems that Rather had good reason to want to hide his Unimpeachable Source away from the world, and away from prying eyes, and away from nosey questions.

And away farthest of all from all those conservative critics who just can't be trusted because they -- they! -- have a political agenda at work that makes them inherently untrustworthy.

Read the whole thing!

I will add that Jerry Killian's Bush-hating Secretary has stated that:

She did not type them.
Jerry did not type.
Neither typewriter she used could have produced them.
And that she considers them forgeries.

The forgeries came from Kinko's in Abilene, Texas....twenty miles from Burkett's house. He has an account there. He was there last Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that 2 of the 4 CBS document experts they cited to substantiate these documents did not authenticate them despite CBS claims to the contrary or that they raised issues with the documents only to be broomed by CBS as "peripheral"?

How about Ben Barnes? He said he got Bush into the Gaurd. His daughter called him a liar. He's raised massive amounts of money for Kerry. All the people who could coaborate his statements are dead. He has given previous contradictory testimony on the subject under oath.

Kitty Kelley? The source for her "Bush used cocaine" allegation denied she told Kelley that at all. Kelley's response? She says the notes she took show she did.

John Kerry's campaign started a new attack theme against President Bush this week called "Operation Fortunate Son" (or something the like).

That's an excellent case for coordination between the Kerry Edwards campaign/DNC, CBS, Kitty Kelley, and Ben Barnes. This has to stop. They are willing to go to any lengths to regain power. They would justify ANY means to achieve their end goals. They are filling a portion of the citizens in our country and those of others with a fairy tale world designed to lift themselves to the top of our society and keep their political opponents marginalized.

We've got News for them. Their Ivory tower is bugged.....or should I say "Blogged"! It's time to turn up the heat!

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