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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Too busy to post

Which is a drag, since there's so much going on. Like the debate about whether CBS was a) incompetent, or b) dishonest in using those memos. As I listen to the ongoing debate, I have to remember:

Freepers and Bloggers exposed the forgeries in 48 hours. Heck, within a day
and a half, there were people on the Yahoo! Typewriters group explaining the
procedure for changing the font ball on an IBM Selectric. I asked the question about superscripted "th", and they responded. We're not talking carbon dating here.


Blogs unveiled the memos in two days.

To me that says that CBS obviously either didn't examine the documents at all or did and knew they were inauthentic, but went with them anyway, thinking that no one was paying attention. I think that's a big part of this story. The face of media is changing. Can't just slide this kind of sludge by The People anymore, because now media is Of The People.

I was watching CNN and they showed a timeline of this documents thing. No bloggers were mentioned. In their timeline, the documents just magically got debunked. Ah, well.

Maybe next lie.

Then there was John Madden last night, wondering aloud why every time the Minnesota Vikings got down into the "red zone", they suddenly started committing illegal procedure penalties, jumping before the snap. Hey, John! Hey, ya big blabbering oaf! Errrrr, crowd noise, fool.

The Eagles will be difficult to defeat this year, but they are woefully thin at running back and the guy they have is small. He'll take a lumping and then it will be All Air, All the Time.

Did you'all watch Monday Night Football? Did you see Randy Moss mailing in his routes in the fourth quarter? What a mutt.

That's all I've got.

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