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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Once again, Powerline is on the forfront of nailing the Mainstream Media to the wall.

It's not just CBS, folks. Never have we seen a media full-court press in support of a candidate comparable to what is now occurring on behalf of John Kerry. One of the worst offenders is the Associated Press; we've written about their outrageously biased reports before.

RTWT. And thanks to Cold Fury, who is also on a roll. From a post titled "Dan Rather Must Resign"

Not just for the memo fraud, but for the attempted cover-up as well. For stone-walling. For claiming an “unimpeachable source”, which turns out to be a crackpot, hyper-partisan Democrat. With no respect at all, Dan – answer the fucking questions : Who’s your real source ? Who’s the forger ? And this time you need to prove it, you lying sack of CBS. Your “word”, your “ethics”, your “good name” pretty much equate to the steaming pile the bull left in the field last week (the stench of your hypocrisy is still pretty fresh, though), so we’ll need that stuff called evidence. You know, like what we used to prove your lies.

Oh yeah!

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