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Sunday, September 19, 2004

More proof that CBS isn't worth a bucket of warm spit

You've seen the forged memos. Now look at the forgery vs. the real thing, side by side.

At this point, the only conclusion is that CBS and Dan Rather knew that the memos they had were fakes, and still pushed the story. Because it's either that, or CBS is so incompetant and worthless that they couldn't do five minutes worth of investigation to find out of the memos were real or not.

As far as I'm concerned, CBS committed a criminal act. They pushed known forgeries on the public and presented them as real. Dan Rather needs to be fired. Hell, entire sections of CBS need to be fired. That entire worthless, gutless, corrupt section of "news" reporting needs to be fired. The fact that NOBODY has been fired yet proves that CBS is nothing more than a group of partisan hacks who care more about Democratic power than objective journalism.

In fact, instead of pink slips for Dan Rather and the Democratic whores with him, it's people who critisize Rather who get fired.

SEATTLE - A radio talk-show host said Saturday he has been fired for criticizing CBS newsman Dan Rather's handling of challenges to the authenticity of memos about President Bush (news - web sites)'s National Guard service.

"On the talk show that I host, or hosted, I said I felt Rather should either retire or be forced out over this," said Brian Maloney, whose weekly "The Brian Maloney Show" aired for three years on KIRO-AM Radio, a CBS affiliate here.

Maloney says he made that statement on his Sept. 12 program. He was fired Friday, he said.

"What they have expressed is essentially that my show went in a direction they're not comfortable with," Maloney said.

The Democrats are only concerned with grabbing power through any means possible. Lying is fine with them. Using national news shows as attack platforms against President Bush is OK with them. Kitty Kelly for three days straight on NBC? That's fine with them, as long as those Swift Vets don't get any airtime, right? The same people crowing about Kerry's war record are the same people dismissing those vets as bitter drunks, psycotic wacked out vets. They've been saying the same thing for THIRTY DAMN YEARS! You want to know why the Left considers Viet Nam Vets to be crazy drug addled, PTSD zonked savages, but they love John Kerry? BECAUSE KERRY SIDED WITH THE COMMUNISTS THIRTY YEARS AGO, AND NEVER SWITCHED SIDES AFTER THAT! Attacking a three year old girl is perfectly acceptable, as long as you're a Democrat! BUT DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION DAN RATHER!

The more I see of the Democratic Party, the sicker I get.

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