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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Late Night Talk Radio Scares Me

I don't listen to much talk radio at night. I'm normally in bed by the time most of the odd shows get on the air, so I don't get a chance to listen much to them. But I've been working odd hours as of late, and I got a chance to listen to some of the shows I hadn't really heard before.

Holy Hell.

Can you say "moonbats"? I knew you could.

Let's start with the local conservative talk radio channel, KVI 570. Coast to Coast AM. It's a nationwide show put on by Art Bell. I knew that there were some real loons out there, but this show seems to gather them all into one place. Over the past few months I've heard alien stories, conspiracy theories (Didja know that jet exhaust contains poison put in there by the government for population control? Neither did I, until I listened to Coast to Coast! Yeah, and Area 51 really has a flying saucer, and aliens are in control of the Pentagon, and if you spin around five times and hold your breath while counting backwards from 100, George Washington appears and bitchslaps the shit out of you for being a dumbass!) and some whacked out nutcases who think they recorded a ghost. I'm talking OUT THERE. Half the time I'm laughing at the people on the air, and half the time I'm shaking my head wondering what drugs they're on.

And then there's 710 KIRO. The only way I can describe it would be like this: Take one socialist hotbed such as Seattle. Find the people farthest to the left who manage to string together a coherent sentence 50% of the time. Put them on the air. That's 710 KIRO.

These idiots actually think that Karl Rove planted the fake memos where CBS could find them. They think it's all a Rove job.

I heard a caller who started out by saying "I want to talk about the Karl Rove planted memos" and SHE WAS SERIOUS! This woman doesn't need talk radio, she needs massive doses of lithium! And the host was just as bad! They have a show from 7PM to 10PM, and another show EVEN WORSE from 10PM to 1AM. It's unreal. I have never heard such blather in my life, and I LIVE IN SEATTLE, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

You want to know why the Left is having problems? Because huge portions of the left ARE INSANE! Not a little insane, but straightjacket wearing, drug popping, giggle giggle while you chew your fingers off INSANE! And the shows I heard prove it!

I suppose there's a silver lining in all of this - every time I start to feel bad about the Right's headcases, I can just flip on to 710 and hear people who went off the deep end years ago and just kept swimming. Loons. Maniacs. Deeply disturbed people who belong in a mental hospital, not behind a radio mic.

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