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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hey Tim, you got a stalker!

The great thing about Google is you can punch in anything and just see what comes up. What came up tonight was a link to this page.

Check it out. And then go re-read Tim's post, "Regarding September 11th".

It's word for word.

Now, Mr. Dave Sarawak changed Tim's Honda Accord to a Perdana V6, but other than that he just copied it from our site to his. He even left the text "But I’d like to not get started on that topic, and I think most readers at 4RWWs know the answer, anyway." on his webpage, which is what caught Google's eye.

Now, having sent snail mail to Tim, I can assure you that Mr. Dave Sarawak IS NOT TIM. So either this guy just cuts and pastes crap from various blogs, or he's ripping Tim off. And since Mr. Dave Sarawak has an Anti-Bush page, I have to assume that Mr. Sarawak isn't a big fan of ours.

I'm sorry, I'm just giggling like a madman here. Tim has a stalker! I'm wondering if this is one of our little lefty trolls, or just some careless kid. Hop on over to his site and then come hazard a guess in the comments.

UPDATE: He changed the webpage. Sorry, you missed it.

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