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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Democrats say the funniest things

You've heard Howard Dean's rants. You've heard Al Gore's bitter ravings. But I say to you, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, you have heard nothing until you hear West Virginia Democrat Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw.

Imagine if Dean's "I have a scream" speech and Gore's "HE BETRAAAAAYEEEED THIS COUNTRY" rant had a bastard love child. Now imagine that bastard love child guzzling a fifth of whiskey, and you have this priceless rant for ages by Supreme Court Justice Mcgraw. This 4 MB download is well worth every bit.

Ain't free speech wonderful?

(The radio ad that the Republicans are running here is pretty good too. You can download it here.)

What is it with Democrats and these crazy rants anyways? Something that they put in the water at the Democratic National Convention?

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