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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Call to Action


If I don't get at least ten notes in our Comments from people who either sent a fax or called a number or sent an email to at least one of these contacts at CBS and/or sponsors of 60 Minutes, well I'll just get upset.


Remember - markets are ruled by Customers, but markets fail if Customers and Vendors don't have good information. Tell them what you think.

And don't believe the conventional wisdom about corporations being heartless bureaucracies who don't give a shit what their Customers say. I worked at a Fortune 100 company for ten years. We did over 4.5 BILLLION dollars in Sales every year. Yet if we got FIVE calls or letters complaining about a Product, it was a crisis. Corporations do care what their Customers think.

Except for Banks. Banks really don't don't give a shit what their Customers say.

I emailed Ziploc and told them that their products are like air to me - I use them without thinking. I told them if I see their advertising on 60 Minutes in October, it will cause me to stop buying their products, which i definitely do not want to do, but will, if I have to. I could not lie to Ziploc - they have a FANTASTIC product. So I just said I am watching.

Here is what I wrote:

Good morning. I am sure you have heard from other displeased Customers about your sponsorship of 60 Minutes. I would like to add my name to your list.

If I see Ziploc advertising on 60 Minutes in October, I will stop buying your Products, which I definitely do not want to do - Ziplocs are like air to me - I use them without even thinking.

I am extraordinarily displeased with 60 Minutes' use of forged documents and fraudulent authentication methods in their piece which sought to tear down our President. There simply is no room for such a practice in a functioning democracy. I therefore respectfully suggest that you cease advertising on 60 Minutes.

I obvously cannot dictate to you your advertising outlets. I am simply letting you know that if you choose to support 60 Minutes in the future, then I in the future will stop buying Pledge, Windex, Ziploc, Saran, and Edge, all of which I use every day.
Ahhhhh. The pause that refreshes.

Contact somebody. And hey - let's be civil out there.

This was found on DANEgerus, which is positively AFIRE right now. Positively one of the best blogs on the 'Net at present. Go check it out.

UPDATE: Aaron's got more.

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