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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Two more handprints

One on the face of John Fonda Kerry, and one to the collective face of the tranzi Left.

Let's start with Kerry first, shall we? Because there's yet another veterans group coming out against him: Viet Nam Special Forces Against Kerry.

In retrospect one must in reality question why Kerry filmed his supposed escapades in Vietnam, a tactic that obviously smacks of exploitation and calculation. I spent one year in Vietnam as a combat veteran and I never saw any soldier carry an 8-mm camera. If John really wanted to do something important why didn't he document with his camera all the atrocities he said that he witnessed and were committed by the hoards of Ghengis Khan he so blatantly accused in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971? The murdering, rapists ....Your fathers, sons, friends, and relatives, our young fighting men who fought with so much bravery because they loved America! Where was his bravery then? He was so against the war what better chance to prove his accusations but on film? No his real reasons for carrying that camera have become very obvious to most veterans and to many Americans. John Kerry is into only one thing and that's John Kerry's political aspirations. THINK AMERICA!

Back in September 2002, Kerry told then-New York Times columnist (now executive editor) Bill Keller "I have no intention of using" his Vietnam home movies, which Kerry shot with an 8-mm camera, for campaign purposes. But contrary to that promise, those films have been used in Kerry’s TV ads and were heavily featured during the Democratic convention. Can you say Flip Flop? No I'm tired of that idiotic name for what John Kerry does, the real word is called LYING.

Ouch. That's GOTTA hurt!

And the handprint on the left's face? Well, specifically those on the left who claim that since we had inspectors in Iraq, he couldn't have made any nuclear weapons.

Here's a clue to those idiots: Inspections don't work.

Iraq War critics have argued that Saddam's uranium stockpile was safe because it was subject to once-a-year inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

But the IAEA was also in charge of monitoring North Korea's nuclear program right up until 2002, when Pyongyang announced it would begin producing nuclear weapons.

Tell me again how Saddam couldn't do anything, just like North Korea?

(slap slap slap!) Both slaps brought to you by Steve.

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