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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Reiteration of Priorities Regarding Flipper's Past Behavior and Future Plans

If John Flipper Kerry hadn't blatantly prostituted his previous military service, it would not be an issue. As he has, and people who suffered his crap in the past have taken him to task on the specifics of his chest pounding, I see nothing wrong with watching and commenting upon the spectacle. However, I find his lying self-serving show trial style testimony before members of the U.S. Senate in 1971 far far more relevant to the Kerry of today. He is still a braggart. What's worse is that he is just as much a war politicizing traitor today as he was over 30 years ago. There is absolutely no excuse for using his status as a veteran of the Vietnam war to malign those whose lives were still at risk in the cause of defeating great evil. When we pulled our troops out of the region, the enemy took over. When they did, much blood was spilled and many people suffered. A couple-few million human lives were lost in Cambodia. Horrific! Kerry's allegations did not exist in a vacuum. The enemy used his rhetoric to demoralize and torture our captive soldiers. The American public suffered similarly as star power shadowed political machination. Kerry being a willing tool of the later as he cloaked himself as one of our heroes while painting them with demonic brush. Those same elements have found new blood and a new cause, rising to challenge our resolve in the conflicts we currently face. And look who's riding on their shoulders. I maintain that Saddam Hussein knew his options. He stood no chance against our military. He hid. He waited. For what? A free Iraq was Hussein's undoing, but Iraq in chaos held hope. Thugs killing American soldiers and Iraqi civilians in mass. Ungrateful cowards back seat driving the war effort. If only they kill more of our brave men and women. If only they prevent peace and prosperity for the country of Iraq. Then maybe the Americans will elect a dove. They'll pull our troops out of the region forsaking all they've bled and died for. They'll choose expedience over stability. Then as now, our challenges are an enemy in theater working in concert with an enemy within our ranks. In Vietnam, our enemy didn't have to defeat our military at their doorstep. Kerry was doing their job for them when he lied about his fellow soldiers in public spectacle. A few million people died, but look where it got him.

The Usamas of the world target the leaders of their own people who fail to fall in line as well as any outsiders who threaten their designs. Make no mistake. If they are victorious, those who sat idly by or attempted to thwart those who fought against them will either fall in line with their demands or suffer our fate as well. These are their terms. How many of our soldiers and how many of those depending on us for a chance at freedom have to die in order to further Flipper's career this time around? After November 2nd....hopefully none.

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