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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More Proof that The Left is Unhinged

From Right Thinking Girl

Protesters have decided to exercise their "free speech" rights by filling bags and balloons with urine and lobbing them at policemen. This disgusting practice is going on westbound on 35th and Broadway. Stay clear.

Isn't that nice? I remember when conservatives held a rally or protest and we'd fill ballons with our urine and lob them at... oh, wait, THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!

If you go to a liberal protest, you WILL see cops in riot gear. You WILL see vandalism and violence. You WILL see things being broken, and if there are any conservative counter-protesters you WILL see the counter-protesters being harassed and assaulted.

If you go to a Conservative protest, you will see cops in regular duty gear, looking bored because Conservatives as a rule DON'T BREAK THE LAW OR GO ON RIOTS! You won't see conservatives burning public property or smashing a shop window.

Disgusting. Just flat out disgusting. Oh, and another little tidbit from RTG:

-A group of protesters set on fire a large “Dragon Float” while they marched. When the fire was extinguished, it was discovered that there were bags of golf balls secreted inside the dragon. Purpose of the golf balls is unknown. For safety reasons, it should be assumed that they were to be used against members of the force for unlawful purposes.

Gee, just why would a group of violent leftist idiots want large bags of golfballs for? Hmmmmmmm.........

The Left: Purile Feces-Flinging Monkeys, but without all the hair. Uh... I'm not too sure about the hair part.

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