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Monday, August 16, 2004

More lies from the Kerry Camp

David Alston, a Kerry supporter and former member of Kerry's swiftboat crew, talks about the time Kerry won his Silver Star.

Alston recalled: "I know when John Kerry told Del to beach that damn boat, this was a brand-new ball game. We wasn't running. We took it to Charlie."

Gosh! A war hero! Alston proves it! Uh....


"In addition to Kerry's Silver Star PCF-94's performance on February 28 also earned Bronze Stars for Tommy Belodeau and Mike Medeiros and Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V Devices for Del Sandusky, Fred Short, and Gene Thorson." - Douglas Brinkley
All of the crew, it seems, were decorated for their actions that day, noticeably absent was David Alston.

Alston, contrary to his story, was nowhere near the swiftboat when Kerry beached it. He had been wounded two weeks prior and was replaced by Gunner's mate Fred Short.

Alston wasn't there. Alston was never there. Alston was recouperating in a hospital when the incident happened. And Captain Ed even has a photo to prove it.

More lies from the Kerry team. *sigh* Is anyone even surprised? I didn't think so.

Hat tip to DANEgerous.

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