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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Liberal What???

Check this "News" piece out. It's from the AP. Dear me.

Bush Camp Controlling Admission to Events


"But first, his audience at "Ask President Bush" heard a 21-minute speech from Bush."

"This was no town hall appearance before a cross-section of citizens."

"By contrast, most of Kerry's events are open to the public."

"But Kerry spokesman David Wade said that any member of the public can get a ticket..."

"Such dissent is never a problem for Bush."

"Bush's admission policy can leave the impression that the president has strong support wherever he goes."

"The crowd roared its approval throughout the speech. Some tickets were also given to union members. A few of them sat silently in the back rows."

Glenn Reynolds used to talk about this Scott Lindlaw chap now and again. That this story is filed under "News" by Yahoo! is telling.

Check out the URL to the story, even:


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