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Monday, August 09, 2004

Kerry's Newest Flip Flip On Iraq

Are you an anti-war candidate? "Yes" says the Flipper. Not anymore! Now, he would have voted the same knowing what he knows now.....or so he says. We'll see which way the winds blow tomorrow. He also had questions about "rushing to war"........where was he during our history with Iraq. We have video of his flippy flopping over the years.....does he wake up in the morning with no knowledge of his past like in the movies? Of course not. He just says whatever he thinks will make the most people happy with him on any given day. He did vote to authorize the war.....before he admitted to being an "anti-war candidate" before he voted against funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.....before he said he would have voted to authorize war. And that's just a portion of his waffling. There is a whole video of his idiotic contortions on the subject. He also blubbered something about "faulty intelligence". Surely he couldn't be referring to Joe Wilson's lies about Saddam's attempt to purchase yellow cake. Perhaps he was referring to charges that Bush knowingly used bad intel, but then he'd have to be dumb enough to have completely ignored the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report on intelligence leading to OIF that cleared President Bush of any wrong doing. Of course he threw in something about not letting France, Germany, Russia, and friends run the show. He ignored the Russian President's admission that they warned us about Hussein's regime plotting attacks on the U.S. and generally bloviated like any vapid, lying, inconsistent, power mad jackass would. Business as usual for Flipper.

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