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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Head East, Young Man!

The girlfriend and I are getting on a plane late tonight and flying to The People's Republic of Taxachusetts for a week. The cause? The marriage of my one and only brother. This is one of the weddings I've been talking about. It's sucking up every last bit of cash I have, but you DO NOT miss your brother's nuptuals, and you DO NOT skimp while you're there!

It's just not done.

So I have the cigars and the booze stowed away, bags packed, the girlfriend's brother watching the dog for us and a friend and neighbor willing to shoot any strangers he might find around the house while we're gone. Burglers be warned, he's more bloodthirsty than I am. That's why I asked HIM to watch the house. I'll be back in a week. To make this story short, don't expect anything from me while I'm gone. Family trumps the 'net every time without exception. Luckily, you still have Tim, TVE and Bayou to keep you informed!

I'll see you all in a week!

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