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Monday, August 23, 2004

Dole Questions Kerry's Vietnam Wounds

Now the charges have gravitas, as they say.

Former Republican Sen. Bob Dole suggested Sunday that John Kerry (news - web sites) apologize for past testimony before Congress about alleged atrocities during the Vietnam War and joined critics of the Democratic presidential candidate who say he received an early exit from combat for "superficial wounds."

Dole also called on Kerry to release all the records of his service in Vietnam.

This is problematic for Democrats for two reasons:

a) Big Funded Media cannot ignore Dole the way they ignored those Nam-vets-turned-on-the-Bush-payroll-alkies, can they?

b) All those Left of Center folks who suddenly feel the need to support a decorated veteran over a service dodger have to reconcile their vote for Clinton over Dole eight years ago. Or, , they would would, if they had a conscience, but, as we know, a conscience is optional on all makes and models of American Leftist.

Yahoo! News - Dole Questions Kerry's Vietnam Wounds

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