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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Christmas in January. Or was it February?

Instapundit has a nice sample of the every changing Christmas in Cambodia story. SEARED! SEARED! The newest retelling of this tale has "Christmas" occuring in "January or February".......I guess that makes it easier to end run around Kerry crew mate Stephen Gardner. It sure as hell doesn't make Nixon President in 1968. SEARED! I snicker every time I hear a donk talking head cry out for Bush to silence the swifties or blubber about sticking to the issues. That must be why they questioned Bush's service record over and over again. That must be why they threaten to do so again if the Swifties don't stop beating on poor little Flipper. That must be why Flipper "Reported for Duty" at the DNC convention, why he constantly surrounds himself with those few who served with him and can stomach his lies, that must be why he mentioned his service every freakin' time someone put a camera in his face. Want to discuss the issues, Flipper? Let's discuss your position on abortion, your vote against the partial birth abortion ban, your vote against increased penalty for killing a pregnant woman. Let's talk about your 35 minutes of not being able to "think" or "act" after the second tower was hit. Let's talk about your vote against funding for our troops after you voted to send them to war. Let's focus on whether you would or would not have taken out Saddam Hussein. Let's discuss Libya's decision to disarm. Let's discuss your record of trying to slash programs essential to America's security. Let's discuss your desire to kill economic growth by raising taxes. Let's discuss your total disconnect from those living on....well....less than the Heinz fortune when you sponsored raising the gas tax by 50 cents per gallon. Let's discuss Iran's nuclear weapons program. Let's discuss your idiotic remarks about bringing troops home within 6 months and how it gives our enemy a light at the end of their tunnel. Let's discuss whether that means more to you than the success of our mission. I know. I know. "Well when I was in Vietnam...." Save it.

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