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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Band of What?

Kerry has been trying to brush his Senate record under the carpet during his whole campaign, relying instead on his four months in Viet Nam. At every stop, if he's not kissing babies he's talking about his "war record", and bring out a small group of men who he calls his "Band Of Brothers".

Well, first it was Viet Nam Vets Against John Kerry speaking out. The DNC smear machine cranked up, calling them "crackpots", "drug addicts", what have you. Anything to shut these guys up, it was fine and dandy with the Kerry team.

Then came SwiftVets for Truth. The feces-slingers on Team Kerry went into overdrive, throwing more crap than a sewage treatment plant, bringing lawsuits, yelling, namecalling, anything they could. Of course, none of Kerry's team ever tried to refute the charges. They only threatened to sue. It continues to this day, the lies, the slander, the abuse, and the intimidation. Luckily, the Donk's smear machine isn't working as well as they would hope. Millions have seen the SwiftVet's commercial.

Then out came Viet Nam Special Forces Against Kerry. Are we detecting a trend, here? It seems that every veteran's group wouldn't trust John Fonda Kerry as far as they could throw him. Him AND his Swiftboat combined.

And now we have POW/MIA Family Members Against John Kerry.

I think that this paints a damn clear picture. 99.9999999% of people who were involved in Viet Nam wouldn't piss on Kerry to save his life. That's all I need to know about John Fonda Kerry's "service". Of course, any questions about Kerry's service could be cleared up IF he would release his military records as Bush has already done. But Kerry is refusing to do that. Gee, I wonder why?

I'm willing to hazard a guess.... it's because Kerry isn't fit to salute a Private much less be CinC. And all the Viet Nam vets I've spoken to confirm that fact.

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