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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Attention Texas Readers!

Cap'm Jim has an invitation to the West Houston Smoke and Powder Crawl VIII for you all.

9:00 Start - American Shooting Center, 16500 Westheimer, 77082 281)556-8086. Rifle/pistol at $7 per person, including a target and range officer (Not a target -- give him cigars if you like). For shotgunners, 25 Skeet or Trap ($7.39), Five Stand ($8.31) or 50 Sporting Clays ($22.17). The Shoot-out, at a one cigar buy-in, is slated.

12:30 - Lunch - Paul's Seafood & Oyster Boat, 1704 Highway 6 S, 77077-2804. 281)556-5086 As always, great fresh seafood and cigar-friendly people who (tho' under new management) actually invited us back.

3:00 - Caribe Tobacco, 14045 Memorial Drive, 77079. 281-293-9211 Kristofer's shop is new to the Houston cigar scene, but it (and the 3 zillion inch TV) is a must-stop with average to good prices and a very nice selection. 15% discount on cigars & accessories. Bayou City Smokers meets
(irregularly) at Caribe so some of them may join in.

4:15 - Cigar Vault, 1141 Uptown Park Blvd. @ Post Oak & 610. 713) 840-7612 CV sports overstuffed chairs and a nice selection of pipes and tobaccos as well as cigars. Great cigar selection, average to good prices and 10% discount for Crawlers.

5:30 - Croft's Pipe, Tobacco & Cigars 4722 Richmond, 77027. 713)785-4080 Great selection, average to very good prices improved by a 10% discount for Crawlers. Be sure to check out the house brand.

6:45 - Downing Street Ltd. 2549 Kirby Dr., 77019. (713) 523-2291 This is an opulent bar in what we would all like to believe is the classic English "club" style. Food runs to sandwiches and pub-type snacks but quality is excellent, the beverage selection is huge and this year they have "revamped" their scotches and whiskeys to feature the Best of the Best. The walk-in humidor is great though you will pay for the hard-to-find smokes. Manager Jeff Neal has dared us to find a cigar he can't match perfectly to a scotch. So come play stump the expert.

You lucky bastards. Kim du Toit is holding an Open House on Sept. 11th, (invitation only though) and then there's this Smoke and Powder Crawl. I swear, once I get out of Seattle, I'm going to go on as many trips as I can, just so I can experience half of what is available.

And if you don't enjoy a good cigar (hey, nobody is perfect) at least go to the range and meet some kick ass folks.

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