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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Trolls Confirm They Have No Life

The new shit, same as the old shit - it seems our trolls, not content with being banned from this blog, have decided to go shit elsewhere, using my name.

Oh Yay.

So, for anyone who's had some idiot crap in their comments, check the IP's. The trolls are using proxy IP's, especially from overseas. 202.57.70.*, 218.185.66.* and 202.96.161.* (Pacific Rim/Australia), 148.244.150.*, 200.13.168.* (Latin America/Caribbean), 165.247.31.* (Earthlink), 217.127.70.* and 80.32.92.* (The Netherlands), and 198.188.134.* (California University Network) are just a few of the IP's that I've banned from this site. Also, email me and let me know what IP they're using.

The last time this happened, I met some pretty cool people. I'm interested in seeing who shows up this time.

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