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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

How can I miss you when you won't leave?

Since Mike Ross of Portland Oregon continues to stick around, I figured that I should continue to let everyone know just who is plaguing this blog and others with his one-man comment spam operations.

Michael J Ross
19437 SE Marcia Ct
Portland, OR 97267
Phone number: (503) 657-8056

You may know him as mikelx from Right Thinking, or as "Liberal Revenge" from Drumwaster's Rants. He loves to use proxy IP's, and won't stop until he shows just what a repulsive and worthless little asshat he is. And since I like to keep people informed, here's a list of all the IPs that he's used.

202.57.70.*, 218.185.66.* and 202.96.161.* (Pacific Rim/Australia), 148.244.150.* (Latin America/Caribbean), 165.247.31.* (Earthlink), 217.127.70.* and 80.32.92.* (The Netherlands), and 198.188.134.* (California University Network).

If he's used any other IP's to hit people, please, let me know. I'm making a list, and checking it twice. Right before I send it off to every IP that he's used to make an ass of himself.

I'll say it again, Mike. Go away. Don't come back.

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