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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bush to speak to Urban League

And in his own special way tells the NAACP to get bent.

WASHINGTON — Leaders of the NAACP, through their "hostile rhetoric," have shown no interest in working with President Bush, the White House said Thursday. The president skipped speaking to the group, but will address the annual meeting of another civil rights organization next week.

The NAACP has been openly hostile and partisan towards Republicans for years, but with Bush it's just gotten worse. The insults, barbs, slurs and lies that have come out of both Julian Bonds and Kweisi Mfume aren't just bad politics, they're the venom and hatred of two very, very sick individuals.

On Monday, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume described Bush's black supporters as "ventriloquists' dummies" and said the president's decision not to speak at the convention was an insult. The same day, NAACP chairman Julian Bond urged members to oust Bush and condemned the administration's policies on education, the economy and the war in Iraq.

FULL STOP! Look at that first sentance! I want you to read that two or three times. "ventriloquists' dummies".

Can you feel the raw, unadulterated evil in that sentance? The racism? If you veer away from the official party line, you're nothing but a dummy! Get back on the plantation, you uppity git! That one quote right there sums up just how foul and corrupt the NAACP is. How DARE you think for yourself! How DARE you disagree with your unelected self-nominated leaders! How DARE you question what they say! You should be nothing but a non-thinking drone following their orders!

That one sentance insinuates the unthinkable; You should be their slave.

I won't go into how by the NAACP's own charter they're supposed to be non-partisan. I don't think I have to. Bonds and Mfume have shown their lack of character so many times it's stopped being painful, and is now relegated to the "Oh geez, there they go again" response.

It's disgusting.

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