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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This is who we're fighting!

Another man has been killed by Islamic terrorists.

Do people get it yet?

We are fighting a sect of people who have no regard for human life whatsoever. We are fighting a sect of people who's list of grievances go back over a thousand years. I hear the liberals in Seattle whine and snivel "Oh, if we would just leave them alone, they'll go away!" Yeah, right! The Islamofascists are still upset over the loss of Andelusia, people! You remember Andelusia, don't you? You don't? Read some history then, because Andelusia was the portion of Spain controlled by the Moors, over FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! The United States of America wasn't even around then! Hell, the New World was still a figment of some madman's imagination when the Moors were kicked out of Spain, and yet the terrorists still hold that grievance against the modern world! Do you get it yet?

How hard is it to listen to a group of people, hear what they're saying, and figure it out? When some terrorist twit is screaming for the death of anyone who isn't Islamic, do you really think he means "Oh, except for that guy over there, he looks harmless"? Just recently, we had a visitor on this site look at the "SMASH THE JEWISH STATE" pictures on this post, and actually claim that "They're just protesting the USA's financial support of Israel."

I beg your pardon?

There is no other way to read "SMASH THE JEWISH STATE". None. Zip, zilch, nada. To try to infer other meaning to that sign is to delude yourself unbelievably. And yet it happens.

When Bin Laden calls for American deaths everywhere, the Left dismisses it as "rhetoric". Excuse me? "Oh, he doesn't really mean that!" I've been told in downtown Seattle. The hell he doesn't! I'd say he's proven his seriousness time and again! "Oh, that was just retalliation for being in Saudi Arabia! If we just left, he'd leave us alone!" That's insanity, folks. That is the work of a mind so wrapped up in their own self-delusions that they can no longer see anything real. The real world does not exist to them.

Bin Laden and his ilk want to kill us because of who we are, not what we've done. Flat out. Plain and simple. Can't be made any easier. He has stated it over and over, hammering the point home, until only the brain dead or the Left could ignore it. He wants to kill us because we are a Judeo-Christian society. He wants to kill us because we as a society allow women to walk around showing their faces (and much more!) He wants to kill us because we drink beer, or scotch, or vodka, or whatever it is you drink. He wants to kill us because we are not radical Islamic followers under Shari'a law.

It wouldn't matter if we left the Middle East tomorrow. It wouldn't matter if we paid every citizen in the Middle East a million dollars and said "Sorry bout the mess folks, we'll be leaving now". It wouldn't matter if we publicly apologised to the world for every slight, real or imagined, that the USA has committed in it's history. It wouldn't matter if the entire country rent their garments and gnashed their teeth in sorrow over our supposed mistreatment of Bin Ladin's country. Until we convert to Islam, throw ourselves under Bin Ladin's rule, and live under Shari'a law, HE WILL WANT TO KILL US. Do you get it yet?

People need to pull themselves out of their comfortable little cocoons, pull their self-imposed wool away from their eyes. The terrorists don't care what we do. They care about who we are. And I don't know about you, but I refuse to put my girlfriend in a head to toe burkah. I refuse to kill people because of their sexuality. I refuse to perform "honor killings" if my mother is seen in public without my father. I refuse to torture, maim, kill, and terrorize people just because they have a different religion than I do.

And because of that, the terrorists want to kill me. If you think the way I do, then the terrorist want to kill you as well.

Do you get it yet?

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