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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hypocrisy Part Doux

I'm sorry, but this is just running through my mind after reading this. "Who's your Collective Leader! Who's your Collective Leader! Say my name, Drone!"

A Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate said Tuesday that he will stay in the race despite allegations from his ex-wife that he forced her to go to sex clubs in New York, Paris and New Orleans and tried to get her to take part in orgies.

The accusation against investment banker Jack Ryan came out this week after his divorce records were unsealed.

And who is Jack Ryan's wife?

Ryan's ex-wife is actress Jeri Lynn Ryan, best known for her roles in TV's Boston Public and Star Trek: Voyager. She said in divorce papers that Ryan took her to the clubs during trips in 1998 and "demanded" they have sex while others watched.

OK, let's get down and dirty, shall we? A man wanting to have sex with his wife in a swinger's club is suddenly unacceptable to the Democrats, but the most powerful man in the world who happens to be married getting a blowjob from an intern who is not his wife is "just sex"? What a crock of steaming brown excretement! Once again, the lying sacks of shit known as the Democrats are moving the goalposts as fast as they can! I'm surprised the damn wheels haven't fallen off that thing already!

And let's see, instead of committing adultry by getting sucked off by some ditzy 21 year old intern, (like Clinton), instead of fucking a 14 year old girl (like Oregon's former Democratic governor), instead of letting his "secretary" (whom he was not married to at the time) drown in his car (like Kennedy), this guy wanted to get kinky with his WIFE. His SPOUSE. As far as I'm concerned, if you're married to the person, do whatever the hell you want! Get kinky! Whip out the KY and saran wrap, baby! Leather cuffs and ball gags for both of them!

And isn't it the damn Democrats who keep screaming "Stay out of my bedroom!"? At every step, some member of the Loony Left is demanding less knowledge about their sexual fetishes that they themselves brandish like a damn sign! Stay out of this! Stay out of that! Don't look at this! Don't look at that! And when it's revealed that this guy tried to live out the fantasies of damn near every guy who ever watched Star Trek, what do they do?


Piss off, you whining worthless wimps! You're just hacked off because this guy was playing "Hide the Weinerschnitzle" with the object of your teen-aged pimply faced desires! Your hypocritical hysterics aren't because of any kind of morals or standards you have, it's because A) Jack Ryan is a Republican, and B) he was boning the very reason why your room smelled of kleenex and vasaline on a twice-a-night basis!

Both Ryans tried to prevent the divorce records from being unsealed, and Jeri Ryan said Monday that she considered him a good man and a loving father. Jack Ryan said he wanted to keep the divorce records private not to shield himself but to protect his 9-year-old son. "Any parent can understand," he said.

Yes, most people would understand, but that's because most people aren't soul-less parasites like the Left. The same "Stay out of my bedroom/It was just sex/It's my personal life" shitstains who defend every action of their heros no matter how foul and corrupt are now suddenly up in arms over actions between a man and his wife. Go figure. But why were the divorce records unsealed if both people wanted them kept closed?

After he entered the Senate race, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago's WLS-TV sued in Los Angeles to gain access to his divorce records there. Ryan fought the lawsuit but abandoned that effort last week.

Oh, THAT liberal media! Nothing else needs to be said. SSDD from the Donks.

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