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Monday, May 24, 2004

What Liberal Media? has published the results of the latest survey on the political leanings of the media.

"At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives..."

"The survey also revealed what some are sure to label a "values" gap. According to Pew, about 60% of the general public believes it is necessary to believe in God to be a truly moral person. The new survey finds that less than 15% of those who work at news outlets believe that. About half the general public believes homosexuality should be accepted by society -- but about 80% of journalists feel that way..."

I just can't understand where these silly Conservatives keep getting these ideas about "Liberal media". Damn Right Wing wackos.

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