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Friday, May 07, 2004

What a frigging JOKE!

Kim du Toit has a study from Britain's Home Office on how to protect yourself from a terrorist attack. After reading over it, I'm really starting to wonder of the Britain of Churchill's "stiff upper lip" has turned into the country of limp dicks and knocking knees....

And then I read this in the "What you can do" part of the page -

Terrorism is a crime like any other, so follow the same precautions you normally take to avoid being the victim of a crime.

Exsqueeze me? A "crime like any other"? I didn't know that terrorists were jumping out of dark alleys or doing drive by terrorist acts! Terrorism isn't a crime like any other! If it was, then it would just be classified as "crime" and not as TERRORISM! Terrorists don't mug you, they KILL YOU! Terrorists don't break into your house and steal your silver, they KILL YOU! Terrorists don't vandalize your garden shed, they KILL YOU! THAT"S A PRETTY BIG DIFFERENCE IN MY BOOK!

In short, the Home Office's entire line consists of curl up into a big ball, call for help, and suck your thumb until the bad men either kill you or go away. Not a resounding line of reassurance, if you ask me. As Kim put it -

"....and of course, protecting one's own is impossible because guns have pretty much been taken off the table.

Once self-defense is written off, there's not a whole lot more advice you can offer, really."

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