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Thursday, May 27, 2004

US helps another country AGAIN.

Check your news. You might actually see a blurb of this inbetween mentions of Abu Ghraib and how the US is really really failing in Iraq andohbythewayVietNam.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) - U.S. and Canadian troops rushed medical supplies, drinking water and chlorine tablets Thursday to flood-battered towns, where bodies were seen floating near the tops of palm trees. Haitian and Dominicans braced for a death toll that could reach 2,000.

And hey, we can say something nice about the Canadians this time! Always a bonus. Seriously, I'm wondering when B.C. and Alberta are going to turn to Ottowa and Quebec, fist clenched, and say "Alright, assholes. That was the last straw, we're cutting you off."

I wonder, at this point do you think it would be easier to just annex Haiti into American stewardship? Talk about a country that's gone right down the shitter, and then gets hit with yet another disaster.... If we're going to spend thousands of dollars and have troops there every other year, wouldn't it just be easier to take over the country for a decade and get shit straitened out? Of course, I don't know if Haiti CAN be straitened out.

Found via Sondra K.

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