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Friday, May 28, 2004

More Examples

Of why the UN needs to be bulldozed flat.

UNWRA's Commissioner General Peter Hansen went ballistic when Israel claimed UN ambulances had been used to smuggle away the body parts of Israeli troops who had been blown up in Gaza. As the Jerusalem Post reported:

'UNWRA's commissioner general Peter Hansen is demanding Israel apologize for allegations made last week by defense minister Shaul Mofaz that UN ambulances had been used to transport IDF soldier body remains to terrorist strongholds, reported IBA news. Hansen said a letter requesting proof from the Israeli government had so far met with no reply. Accordingly, Mofaz has no reason to believe there is any truth at all to the extremely unfortunate accusation being made against UNRWA, said Hansen.'

Well, all Hansen had to do was click on the Israel Defence Force website. For there, as everyone can see, are pictures aired on Israel's TV Channel Ten showing a Palestinian gunman boarding an ambulance with large markings on its back doors saying... UN.

So, Mr Hansen, once again -- what are the UN's ambulances doing ferrying around the perpetrators of terrorist mass murder?

Found via the Rott. This is the UN that John Fonda Kerry wants to bow down before, people. This is the UN, the child prostituting, genocide allowing, corrupt, worthless, greedy, power-hungry, murder overseeing UN that the Left worships.


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