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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Let's play "Make Believe"

So, let's make believe you're a criminal. You're going to commit a crime (because you're a criminal, and if you don't commit at least one crime a month you're kicked out of the Criminal Club and no longer get to use the nifty sooper-seekrit handshake). Or you just want some cash to score some smack. Works either way.

What do you do? Well, you have a gun, obtained illegally of course. You know a few stores in the area that you could rob. Let's do a stickup!

Do you rob a store with this sign in the window? Or do you rob a store with this sign?

Folks, criminals may be dumb, but you still shouldn't underestimate their intelligence, OK? Why in the hell would a store put up a sign that says "Come on it and rob us! There isn't a person here who can do jack-squat about it!" Frigging morons.

Found this over at Bruce's place, mASS BACKWARDS

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