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Friday, May 14, 2004

Get me the BIG gun, darlin'

It's RINO hunting time. Because if anyone who calls themselves Republican is in favor of this, they obviously need to switch parties and get it over with.

The new bill is being dubbed the Get Outdoors (GO) Act, H.R. 4100, although it is more accurately dubbed the "Get Out of Rural America Act."

What does H.R. 4100 do?

It would allocate $3.125 billion annually -- much of it for government bureaucrats to acquire private lands that have been historically used for hunting and fishing.

But once the land is under government control, there is no guarantee that such lands would continue to be used for such sporting purposes. When rural land disappears, opportunities for recreation -- especially plinking and hunting -- tend to disappear as well.

Let's get one thing straight - Private land ownership in one of the cornerstones of this country. To be able to own your own chunk of paradise, where ever that might be. For me, it's in Northern Idaho. For my friend R., it's in Montana. Some people love Texas. But government control of land is antithetical to almost every American ideal there is! And gee, they've done such a great job taking care of it, haven't they? Let see, pine beetle infestations gone uncontrolled? Check. Massive forest fires that sterilize the ground? Check. Complete degradation of usable land? Check. Whenever the government gets it's grubby paws on property, you can be assured of two things: 1) Public use of that land will be severely curtailed, and 2) maintainence of that land will go down, because it's hard to upgrade and protect the land when you're slurping the shriveled cocks of whatever eco-freak group comes up that week.

Republican Representatives Don Young (AK) and George Miller (CA) are the chief sponsors of this legislation. What is their reason for offering this legislation, when there is very limited constitutional authority for the federal government to own land?

"Obesity is a public health crisis of the first order," Miller said. "And the Get Outdoors Act is a sensible way to help mitigate that public health crisis."

No, that is not a joke. The ostensible reason for the "GO Act" is to help slim American's waistlines by providing more opportunities to hike around the woods.

Fuck you, Young and Miller. Get the fuck out of the Republican Party, you socialistic snotwads! More government controlled land is NOT THE ANSWER! If people want to get off the asses and go for a walk, they will do so! They is plenty of government controlled land as it is, adding more of it WILL NOT DO A DAMN THING!

What idiotic slimy shit sacks! You want to prevent the government from owning all of America? Figure out where your paradise is, and then start buying land. Ten acres here, five acres there. Buy an acre at a time if you must. But don't let these RINOs get a damn bit of it.

Grrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Time to go shooting. Must shoot something. Preferably something that works in Washington DC. Grrrrrrr. Politics. Poly: Many. Ticks: Blood-sucking parasites. Politics. It all fits now. Found via

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