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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

War is not pretty.

You can see for yourself. (Possibly not safe for work, depending on the sensibilities of your workplace).

Indeed, it's not pretty. It can be gory, violent, horrible, shattering, and bloody. Why then do people such as myself support it? Why are there so many military veterans, who have seen first hand the horrors of war, supporting this one that we're in?

I'll tell you why. Because despite all the horrors that may arise out of war, the alternatives are worse.

A life of living under the thumb of Jihadist Islam is worse than war.
Forcing women to wear black burkahs for the rest of their lives is worse than war.
Killing people because of their sexuality is worse than war.
Killing women for being seen with a man who is not related to them is worse than war.

Allowing any of the above to happen to America is worse than war. And that is a small list.

We have been given a choice by the Islamic thugs who currently rule the terrorist networks of the Middle East: We can either submit and live under Shari'a law, or we can die. America has chosen a third option, thankyouverymuch. We'll fight for our way of life. That is, SOME of us will fight for our way of life. And I think that the many military vets, those who have seen what the alternative is, support this war because they know it's the right thing to do. Some of the country will continue to wail and moan about how horrible America is. Some of these spoiled, snotty, ignorant, uneducated, gutless, spineless, treasonous, cowardly parasites will continue to fight America from within. And we will fight them as well.

The alternative is worse. Look at those pictures, and remind yourself of that. Those pictures pale in comparison to what Saddam Hussein did on a daily basis. Those pictures cannot touch the horror that would be visited on America should we fail.

The alternative is worse.

Link found at Right Thinking.

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