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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Analog Kid came up with some of his own Buy A Gun Day Buttons.


Oh, and on the subject of gunbelts, I did some checking on my leather supplies, and here's the deal - I have enough leather to make three good gunbelts of just about any length. It's two pieces of leather, dyed whatever color, finished with Tan-Kote and then sewn together to make it good and stiff (the better to hold up your gun with, my dear!). AK has seen the belt I made for myself. Specialty buckles cost quite a bit more, so I have simple antiqued brass buckles that I use. If you want a trophy buckle, pick one out from Tandy Leather or another store, and you can put it on yourself. (Otherwise it raises the cost quite a bit).

Help a bruddah out! There's an SKS rifle I saw down at Federal Way Discount guns.......

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