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Thursday, April 29, 2004

OSI Pharma soars on positive Tarceva study

I have held OSI Pharmaceuticals for about four years. I'm not about to be listed on some Fortune Magazine list between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, you know. In fact, I am likely worth less than the contents of their garages.


If I ever get to Seattle, ammo's on me.

I will note an opinion here: if every single person here had lived on hot dogs, generic cereal, and water during 1998 and 1999, and had put all that cash that went into beers and TVs and football games into Linux stocks, every single one of us would be affluent today. I often give myself just a tiny kick since I missed that wave. Watched it go by, in fact.

The next wave is anti-cancer biotech. I expect mortality rates to fall by half or more in the next decade. Anti-cancer technology is the next dotcom boom.

DISCLAIMER: I am usually wrong.

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