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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Not So Random Thoughts

OK, so now the Daily Kos site has been down for a while. Three sponsors have pulled their ads from his site, costing him quite a bit of cash. Kos has been roundly castigated for his remarks, and subsequent non-apology/dithering/what have you. Hell, John Fonda Kerry's site has de-linked Kos. (And if you've been under a rock for the past week or so, a screen shot of Kos' remarks can be found at Fried Man. Instapundit has a round-up of reaction as well.

So here's what has been bouncing around in my mind for a while. Kos is easily the most popular lefty blogger out there. The Truth Laid Bear has him at Number 3 in the Blog Ecosystem, right below Instapundit and Talking Points Memo. Kos is a political consultant, and has been the number one fundraiser for John Fonda Kerry on the internet. He's not some small fry, he's an actual political player, and definitely considered "mainstream".

The next time some idiot tries to tell me that the people screaming their hate at Americans are "just the far left fringe", I'm going to shove my boot up your ass so far that you'll be licking leather.

If there's one good thing Kos has done, it's expose just how far into hatred and insanity the Democratic Party has sunk. I don't think that the worst days of Clinton Hatred for the Republicans went this far. You never saw Republicans cheering American deaths, or deriding and dismissing them as nothing. You never saw a Republican flat out say "Screw them". Yet the top dog of Leftist blogging, supposedly representative of the Left in the blogosphere, not only gives his callow assessment of these deaths, but feels compelled to not apologize and sneer at the people who are outraged from it!

Far left fringe, my ass.

UPDATE: Via the Mudville Gazette we have the RWN DU comments of the day. Greyhawk suggest you compare the DU posts with the posts from John Kerry's Blog.

As I said - Far left fringe my ass.

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