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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Let's Play a Game

Let's say that there's a criminal in your town. A really bad guy. He's killed people, beaten people to death, burglarized homes, and been an all around bad guy. Now, he's on parole, but only if he doesn't own any guns or bullets. This guy is not allowed to own anything that might have to do with guns. In accordance with his parole, the authorities are allowed to go in and search his house to ensure that he doesn't have anything. This guy is also supposed to show evidence that he's gotten rid of all his guns, from .380 pistols to 30-06 rifles.

Following me? Good.

Now, let's say that every time the cops show up at his door, he lies to them. He plays games. He never shows them both hands at the same time, one hand is always hidden behind is back. He won't let the cops search his bedroom or his library, claiming that they're "private" rooms. He does this for years. Do you think the cops would put up with that?

No, of course not!

So the cops take him down. He's locked up in jail. Once he's in jail, the cops search his house and find:

Black powder, suitable for making bullets or explosive devices.
Barrels for rifles and pistols.
Internal mechanisms for firearms (i.e. sear assemblies, recoil assemblies, firing pins, ect.)
A reloading press for making cartridges.
Various other items of a criminal lifestyle, drugs, knives, little black books with addresses of victimized houses, stolen items, and to top it all off, computer disks filled with kiddie porn.

So here's the real question: Was the cops arresting this guy unwarranted? He refused to follow the terms of his parole, and was in possession of items he wasn't allowed to have, right? The guy should be in jail.

Why then does the Left in this country call the Battle of Iraq a criminal action? Let's look at what Saddam had, shall we?

A prison laboratory complex that may have been used for human testing of BW agents and "that Iraqi officials working to prepare the U.N. inspections were explicitly ordered not to declare to the U.N." Why was Saddam interested in testing biological-warfare agents on humans if he didn't have a biological-weapons program?

"Reference strains" of a wide variety of biological-weapons agents were found beneath the sink in the home of a prominent Iraqi BW scientist. "We thought it was a big deal," a senior administration official said. "But it has been written off [by the press] as a sort of 'starter set.'"

New research on BW-applicable agents, brucella and Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, and continuing work on ricin and aflatoxin that were not declared to the United Nations.

Why have research on Bio-Weapons if you don't have them and are not trying to obtain them?

A line of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, or drones, "not fully declared at an undeclared production facility and an admission that they had tested one of their declared UAVs out to a range of 500 kilometers [311 miles], 350 kilometers [217 miles] beyond the permissible limit."

"Continuing covert capability to manufacture fuel propellant useful only for prohibited Scud-variant missiles, a capability that was maintained at least until the end of 2001 and that cooperating Iraqi scientists have said they were told to conceal from the U.N."

"Plans and advanced design work for new long-range missiles with ranges up to at least 1,000 kilometers [621 miles] -- well beyond the 150-kilometer-range limit [93 miles] imposed by the U.N. Missiles of a 1,000-kilometer range would have allowed Iraq to threaten targets throughout the Middle East, including Ankara [Turkey], Cairo [Egypt] and Abu Dhabi [United Arab Emirates]."

The Democrats, through their capitulation to the fringe elements in their party, have completely forsaken any kind of common sense when it comes to international affairs. Period. End. Stop. They have no credibility when it comes to foreign affairs at all. The Battle of Iraq merely clarified that point.

Many thanks to Drumwaster's Rants for the link

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