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Monday, April 05, 2004

Leftist scum

Things like this are the reason that I call Loony Leftists "Anti-American scum".

A gasp of disbelief, a sad shake of the head and a feeling of general disgust.

That's how San Marcos residents reacted Saturday morning at the sight of graffiti spray-painted on the still under construction Hays County Veterans Memorial.

Sometime overnight, someone used yellow spray paint to write "Kill Bush" on a section of the memorial where names of local veterans are displayed on a sloping wall. The same slogan, along with others, was repeated on the back of the memorial.

I can only begin to guess at the depths of depravity that would desecrate a memorial to veterans, both dead and alive. This is the end result of moral relativism. This is the end result of post-modernism indoctrination. This is the end result of people who are so foul, so utterly repulsive, that they would spit on a memorial dedicated to the very people who would die to keep these vermin free.

And take a guess who they're voting for.

Found in a comment thread at the Rott.

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