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Sunday, April 04, 2004


It's amazing what happens when you find your life threatened.

It's what I'd call a quirky neighborhood bar; if you want to call it a dive, I wouldn't argue, as long as you smiled when you said that. Fun place, although definitely quirky, and decorated with a lot of handmade signs, some of which I can't quote and keep my self-established PG rating on this blog.

And it used to be posted, with a sign that read:


Not any more.

There was a robbery a couple of weeks ago.

Now, this is the sign that you see as you come in the door. Like most of the signs inside, it's hand-lettered, and perhaps a little hard to read from the picture. It says

Due to the recent robbery
at Gun Point on Friday ALL Customers
can carry their firearms on these premises

Inside, there's another sign. None of us had a digital camera with us, so I don't have a picture. Next time. But it says, roughly, "carry permit holders are very welcome".

Indeed. Found at the Geek's place. The Geek also has a link to yet another masterpiece by Victor Davis Hanson

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