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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Cleland the Puppet

I was able to watch some CNN yesterday. Ugh. I'm glad that my TV is already broken, so that I don't pipe this crap into my home. They had Max Cleland on with Wolf Blitzer, whining and bloviating about President Bush. "He attacked my patriotism! He's attacking Kerry's patriotism!" Blah blah blah, whine puke snivel vomit.

I'm tired of the Donks pulling out Cleland every time they need their token Viet Nam Vet. Look, you insufferable snotwad, I haven't seen one memo, TV ad, or piece of writing from the White House that attacks Kerry's patriotism. Got it? Not. A. Single. One. You want to know who's been attacking Kerry's Patriotism?

We are. The people who have seen his actions and are disgusted by them. The Viet Nam vets that he stabbed in the back over three decades ago. The military members, both prior service and current, who have seen Kerry vote against every weapons upgrade, pay raise, and Cost Of Living Allowance. The Americans who have seen Kerry kow-tow to every anti-American leader, country, and organization recently. We're the ones questioning his patrotism, you fat oaf. Bush has done nothing but bring up Kerry's track record, and you know what? When you bring up Kerry's track record, he's screwed. Fucked. Shot down. Gutted. Bush doesn't need to question Kerry's patriotism, because Kerry has handed Bush so much ammo on his own that Bush doesn't NEED to do any such thing.

When Bush's TV ads use actual live clips of Kerry giving a speech, unedited, you know that Kerry doesn't have a chance with anyone that has an IQ over room temp, OK? "I voted FOR that $87 billions BEFORE I voted against it." WTF?

For G-d's sake, the VILLAGE FRIGGING VOICE has op-eds against John Fonda Kerry! What more do you need to know? He's vilified by his own damn party!

Bush doesn't have to question Kerry's patriotism. Kerry has already proven to the American People that he has none. Bush is just driving that point home with Kerry's voting record.

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