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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


The Amazing Kallini Brothers had this up on their blog, and I just checked it out.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Behind the white door of a run-down terrace house in the quiet Glasgow suburb of Langside three men are waiting to die.
Faroq Haidari has sunk to the floor in the hallway, the effort of answering the bell apparently too much for him. Thin loops of thread hang from his lips and when he speaks it is in short, hoarse bursts.

"Sometimes you have to do something to save your life," he says. "This is the only option that we had."

In a small bedsit on the ground floor Fariborz Gravindi, 30, and Mokhtar Haydary, 31, lie motionless on mattresses. Faroq says they are sleeping. The air is stale. The curtains, a bright, incongruous floral yellow, are drawn against the daylight.

On February 19 Faroq, 32, and his friends stopped eating and sewed their lips together, crudely, with a needle and thread. Kurdish Iranians who fled to Britain in 2001, they had exhausted all efforts to stay in the UK and were facing deportation. Better to risk their lives here, they said, than face what they claim would be certain death if they were sent home to Iran.

These men ran from the people we're fighting against, folks. These men would rather starve to death than go back. Have you ever seen someone starve to death? Has anyone here actually gone without food for any period of time? I have. It's not pleasant. And it was only two days for me.

These guys sewed their own mouths shut rather than go back to Iran. Does that give you a f**king clue? It should.

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