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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

To Die in Madrid

More powerful stuff.

It cannot be very long now before some slaughter occurs on the streets of London or Rome or Warsaw, as punishment for British and Italian and Polish membership of the anti-Saddam coalition. But perhaps there is still time to avoid the wrath to come. If British and Italian and Polish troops make haste to leave the Iraqis to their own "devices" (of the sort that exploded outside the mosques of Karbala and Najaf last month), their civilian cousins may still hope to escape the stern disapproval of the holy warriors. Don't ask why the holy warriors blow up mosques by the way—it's none of your goddam crusader-Jew business.
To Die in Madrid - The nutty logic that says Spain provoked Islamist terrorism. By Christopher Hitchens

I think this piece contains some good thoughts for today's American Conservative, whom the Left would like to blame for Madrid.

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