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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Range Report

I think the range report can be summed up in four little words.


My first few salvos were Gawd-awful. I could hit the target, but my shot groupings were embarassing. Once I settled down and remembered how the hell to shoot, it got better. But I definately need more practice.

On a good note however, the new recoil assembly works great on the .45, and the girlfriend got to shoot it for the first time. We also rented the S&W 500 Magnum yet again, in honor of Mollbot's birthday and Dogtulosba's shipping out. Much fun was had. One reader stopped by and had breakfast with us, but was unable to make it to the range. Perhaps next time!

Total ammo count?

.45 ACP = 250.
.38 Special = 100.
.22LR = 400.

Not the best day at the range, but still pretty good. I also managed to finish my gunbelt before I headed out, so I am now wearing gun gear that I've created. Gunbelt, holster, and mag pouch, all made by my hand. Pictures will be forthcoming once I take my worthless piece of shit computer out back, shoot it and buy a new one reinstall a few programs on my computer. It's an old beast, and needs to be shot coaxed into working with me sometimes.

Next range trip is set for the 20th, or thereabouts. I'll probably miss that, as I'll be in a different state, but AK will be there. I'll keep you posted!

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