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Sunday, March 28, 2004

More UN meddling

While perusing the Rott, I came across this little lovely news item. I think I need to go to the range....

UNITED NATIONS - Typically, only heads of state and titans of industry get an audience on the 38th floor of the marble-and-glass tower housing the United Nations.

So when the president of a California nonprofit corporation with an unwieldy name — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — met Friday with Secretary-General Kofi Annan, it signaled the group's importance in a computer-driven world.

ICANN oversees the Domain Name System — such as ".com," ".net" and ".org" — that allows computers to find each other in cyberspace. It is sanctioned by the United States government, which funded the Internet's early development.

Are you getting that queasy feeling in your stomach yet? I hope you are, because I feel like I want to vomit after reading this.

Some countries and activists argue that ICANN is too close to the United States and want the United Nations to take a greater role in regulating the Internet.

"Some countries"? Gee, what countries would that be? China? North Korea? Iran? Cuba? Why on earth would they want the power to regulate the internet? Maybe because these dictator controlled shitholes hate free speech, and want to SQUASH it?

"The United Nations would be a good platform for that, because it has legitimacy. The countries are all represented," said Izzeldin Mohamed Osman, a computer science professor from the Sudan University of Science and Technology

"United Nations" and "Legitimacy" should NEVER BE USED IN THE SAME SENTANCE, unless the phrase "complete and total lack of" is between them!

I'm not going to post the whole article, but think about this: When at least half of the UN members are dictators, thugs, and theocracies, do you really think that they care about free speech? NO! I am sick and tired of the Left in this country regarding the UN as some sort of great savior group! If you want to live in a UN controlled country, MOVE YOUR TRANZI ASS TO EUROPE!

Giving the UN control of the internet would destroy it. There is no question about that. And any president who simply allows the UN to gain control of the internet should be hung by the nearest lamp-post. Do you hear that, Dubya? If you allow the UN to get their grubby, blood-stained hands on the 'net, your ass will be voted out faster than you can blink.

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