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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Moonbat Mania

Uhhh, this might make me a moonbat, but here goes:

Is anyone else seeing anything fishy about this Al Qaeda / Madrid connection? Looking at the timeline:

- Socialists are running on anti-war-in-Iraq platform.

- Socialists are losing.

- Days before election, bombs kill over 200 in Madrid.

- Within 24 hours, connections to Radical Islamic players are found.

- One is an unexploded cell phone, which leads right to some Moroccans.

- Another is a van full of detonators and "Koranic materials".

- A letter surfaces where Al Qaeda claims responsibility.

- Socialists rally with hundreds of thousands of "Peace" signs.

- Socialists win election despite trailing in polls for entire run up to election.

I know this is the kind of thing most often found at Democratic Underpants, but, ummm, doesn't that all seem nice and convenient? Radical Islamic terror groups certainly aren't the only people who benefitted from the bombings.

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