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Thursday, March 11, 2004

I don't know who said it first..

But the quote is: "A woman is just a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke."

Why do I bring this up? Because a certain generous individual with a heart of gold was kind enough to send me a few cigars to try out.

One cigar that grabbed me was these - Cuban Crafters Cupido Originals. Particularly the Knuckles.

Hot damn, that's a good cigar.

If anyone out there enjoys cigar smoking, you have got to check these bad boys out. It's a short, fat cigar; about three to three and a half inches long by 47. The cigar I tried was easy to draw, had an awesome flavor, burned evenly and had a firm ash that I knocked off after it was about an inch and a half long. I stayed up late just to finish this stogie, because it burned longer than I expected. Next paycheck, I'm getting myself a box of those.

Go check 'em out. Cuban Crafters also has a 12 cigar sampler pack that I'm just drooling to try.... Judging from what I've already tested, that pack would make me a very happy camper.

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