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Monday, March 08, 2004

Buy A Gun Day

By now, I hope everybody knows about Kim du Toit's Ammo Day, where you are encouraged to by at least 100 rounds of ammo. While that will be gearing up for the latter part of the year, there is another way to piss off the Anti-Gun establishment. I'd heard about it last year but wasn't blogging then. This year, I'm proud to announce that once again, April 15th is Buy A Gun Day.

There are several reasons to buy a gun on April 15th. One is so that you can go blast away at an effigy of the tax man. Two, I honestly believe that firearm ownership is one of the basic responsibilities of an American citizen. In an age where guns are considered by some people to be worse than anything else, getting as many firearms into the hands of law abiding citizens ensures that the American public still has their "Reset Button".

And let's not forget the fact that they can be fun! There's a reason that I get together with people and head out to the range on a monthly basis. Improving your skill, competing with your friends, and general camaraderie is enjoyable, especially when it's combined into one event.

If you've never owned a firearm before, let me strongly recommend some safety courses from the National Rifle Association. The NRA has safety courses all over the country. You can locate a course in your area on their web page.

Sometimes choosing a firearm can be a hassle. Kim du Toit has an entire list of guns that he's looked at and reviewed, from shotguns to revolvers, to semi-autos to rifles. Check with the gun ranges near you and find one that will let you rent a handguns. You can try out different guns until you find one that fits you. I can offer advice, and so can Analog Kid. One way or another, we can help you find a gun that fits YOU.

And if you're low on funds and can't afford to purchase a firearm, consider joining on of the gun advocacy groups. The NRA is only one group. There is also the Second Amendment Foundation, the Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Sisters, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and even the Pink Pistols for the GLBT community. There's the Keep And Bear Arms group, which defends individual's gun rights everywhere. There are organizations from all walks of life, connected by the simple fact that they are American, and they own firearms. I can understand not having the $300-$400 for a new gun. But $25 for an NRA membership should be within everybody's reach.

And lastly, if you're wondering just why the heck you should by a gun, let me recommend some people who can explain it to you much better than I can. Once again, Kim du Toit has SIXTEEN different essays on the topic. The Smallest Minority, Geek with a .45 and Publicola all explain why American firearms ownership is so important. And Flashbunny has some of the best pro-gun satire I've ever seen.

April 15th - Buy A Gun day. I consider it more than that. I consider it "Support the 2nd Amendment" day. Get out and do what you can to ensure that our freedoms remain intact.

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