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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bjorn Lomborg vindicated

Religion of Environmentalism takes another hit.

The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty abetted a vicious ideological environmentalist smear campaign against Bjorn Lomborg by declaring two years ago that his excellent book The Skeptical Environmentalist, was "objectively dishonest." Naturally this accusation hit the headlines. However, in December, 2003, the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology overturned the DCSD kangaroo court's decision and sent it back to them. On futher reflection the DCSD members have now decided that perhaps they'd been a bit hasty and have completely dropped the matter

As if this is a shock to anyone with a room-temp IQ. Nobody ever brought up facts in their assault against Lomborg. They smeared him, insulted him, lied about him, slandered him, and tried to destroy him, but nobody could attack his actual facts and research.

It's their pattern, and it happens over and over and over and over and... Oh hell, you get the point.

Found at Dean's World.

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