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Monday, March 22, 2004


Yet another piece of writing that I believe should be printed out and nailed to the head of every blithering idiot and moron who babbles about Isreal's "occupation" of "Palestine".

At this point, I no longer care if people are on one side or the other. That they choose sides is fine with me. I have chosen mine and I expect my enemy to be as forthcoming. But enough with the false pretenses of peace. People are blowing up in cafes and in the streets of Israel on a regular occurrence, and this is not a new euphemism for peace. Dead people, en masse, means war. Regardless of which side you prefer, this situation is untenable as a negotiating point in time. There is no peace, there is no cease-fire, and there is no road map. There is war, and that is the sad reality. When everyone understands this, and when Israel decides to do something about it without restraint, then there will be a victory and perhaps a new dawn shall emerge.

Found at the Rott.

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