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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

What to call McDermott....

War Criminal? Profiteer? Traitor? Corrupt Politician?

Following the trip, al Khafaji contributed $5,000 to McDermott's Legal Defense Fund. The Weekly Standard has contacted McDermott's office about returning the contribution. McDermott spokesman Mike Decesare said this morning that he had not yet spoken with McDermott, since it's three hours earlier on the West Coast. Asked about the contribution and the subsequent allegations about al Khafaji and oil, Decesare said, "I don't know anything about it."

How about E) All of the above. The more I find about about that spineless communist, the more I hate his black twisted soul. McDermott should be hung from a lamp post and his body left to rot. I doubt even the crows would want to peck away at anything so foul.

The list can be found here. The Weekly Standard article can be found here. And the blog that pointed the way to me can be found here.

On McDermott's way to hell, I hope the ghosts of Saddam's victims torture him endlessly.

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