Day by Day

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Time to make Tender Vittles

I just found out that one of my mangy good for nothing bitchs cats has been pissing in a corner of the bedroom. Right in my dirty laundry basket. So now I get to do laundry, and scrub the floor, and the walls, and anywhere else that flea-ridden pusbag cat might have gone. If I ever find out which one of the worthless soon to be strangled soul sucking demons cats it was, I'm feeding the damn thing to the dogs.

This is why fur shedding hellspawn cats will never rule the world. A dog at least waits to go outside, and only piddles inside the house when it simply can't hold it anymore. Cats just do whatever the hell they want, where they want. Resulting in the sudden depopulation of furniture shredding assmonkeys cats by people who object to their socks and shirts getting peed on when I clean out the litterbox every damn day!

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