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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Same Sex Marriage

Well, the Massachusetts Court has decreed that same sex marriage is hunky-dory. I have a few things to say to them.

You. Stupid. Idiots.

This isn't some anti-gay screed, this is about court justices who feel that they can bypass the entire legislative process in order to appease a small portion of the population. Mrs. du Toit has a wonderful essay up on the subject, well worth reading. One part that grabbed me was this:

The Massachusetts situation is absurd. It is a bastardization of the republican process and is a clear cut example of judicial tyranny. The courts have essentially said, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the state does not have the authority to impose any limitations on who may marry. The courts have removed The People from the process. (It is my opinion that the judges who made that call should, at minimum, be impeached. Preferably, thrown into Boston Harbor with cement blocks tied to their ankles, agony and suffering beforehand is optional.) It is CLASSIC example of tyranny. It is wrong in so many respects that I have a hard time even writing about it without uncontrollable shaking and near-vomitingĂ‚—but not because the judges did it, but because they are still ALIVE and on the bench. (I cannot begin to imagine what Sam Adams would have already arranged for them, had something like this occurred during his watch in Boston.) Where is the public rage? It should not matter what your opinion of same-sex marriage is, EVERYONE should be outraged because of HOW it was handled.

These judges have taken the decision out of the people's hands, and decided all on their lonesome that they were just going to change the law. The sheer elitist attitude of these moronic twits gives me a headache! "We know what's best, and we're going to make it so!" It's arrogance that makes you grit your teeth. And in the end, it will be more harmful to the gay-rights movement than anything else.

People can accept gradual change. But people cannot accept judgments like this being forced down their throats. The repercussions from this could be horrendous. This will be a polarizing issue, and it won't be good for the gay-rights people. This NPR poll might give you an idea of how the country feels.

The study, conducted by Republican pollster Bill McInturff and Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, found that 56 percent of respondents are opposed to gay marriage, while 30 percent support it.

56% opposed, 30% for, those aren't good numbers. And now, instead of public debate, where ideas could ebb and flow, and people could come to an understanding, those judges have handed down a ruling like so many high and mighty rulers of old. Don't think that this will sit well with that 56%. It won't. And when people have their way of life challenged without so much as a "by your leave", they counter with whatever they have. The poll also gives this assessment:

Poll respondents were split evenly at 45 percent on the idea of a law that would let homosexual couples legally form civil unions providing them "the legal rights of married couples in areas such as health insurance, inheritance, pension coverage and hospital visiting privileges."

As I said, people will accept gradual change. The gay-marriage movement should have taken small steps. Instead, they went to the courts, where this legal boondoggle was perpetrated.

Let me tell you what will happen now. A contitutional amendment will be passed, declaring "Marriage" defined as between a man and a woman. Bush flat out said that he would push for that amendment if the judges tried this crap. And no matter what you may say about Bush's policies, he does what he says he'll do. The gay-marriage group will lose ground, and they will NOT have the majority of Americans on their side. By using typical liberal tactics and trying to sidestep the legislative process, they have just made more enemies than they can count. And I'm one of them.

Working within the system to change the rules is fine. But when you go and have some unelected body hand down a new set of rules that I have to live by, you've just pissed me off. And I will fight you every step of the way.

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